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The eagle has landed

Big news for Roser Consys. The first step in Australia is a fact. We are very proud that our colleagues Bert and Jeffrey started the kick-off meeting last week. At this new location, several...

Weld-IT E-learning available in English

Weld activities and the related NDE can easily be followed up with Weld-IT. This module is designed for preparation, execution and quality control of welding. As of today, the online training is...

Roser wishes you happy holidays

The holiday season is almost here, on behalf of all Roser employees we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Collaboration for improvement

In collaboration with a project team from Levi9 Romania, Roser has started a new project to improve and enhance the software portfolio for turnarounds with the latest technology and innovations. We...

Digital Marathon for inspiration and innovation

Last week, Roser was present at the ZR Hackathon, a digital marathon organized by Zeeland Refinery and the HZ University of Applied Sciences. As an innovative partner of Zeeland Refinery, Roser...

Roser launches new website

Today, a long time wish list item has been realized for Roser. Our new website is live on We are happy to present the new site to you, giving a clear impression of our software...

Looking back at the Roser event

Together, we are looking back at a successful Roser event. The video of this day is now available for viewing. You are welcome to take a look at the images of our event about turnaraound and...

Blind-IT by the Light

Roser is implementing Blind-IT in Singapore, the city of lights. A new project helping our customers work safely and efficiently, bringing us the opportunity to expand further across the globe. We are...


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