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Our processes are running more efficiently by integrating functionalities from the Roser Suite. It is a leap forwards compared to using the many stand-alone applications. Naturally, we also observe a decrease in costs due to the improvement in efficiency.

Roland La Rivière

Maintenance Improvement Manager

The software is easy to use and gives a good overview of all activities. The software also includes a feedback system, which reports on the status of the execution.

Dr. Kristof Riewenherm


We want to belong to the top of the turnarounds. To reach that goal we use Systems-IT to secure and follow-up on data concerning the work preparation and execution. Contractors will also be using this system, making sure the preparation of future turnarounds will be done more quickly and efficiently. We want to make sure we can learn from each turnaround and improve.

Richard Boogers

Section Head Turnarounds

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