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During the implementation phase and your first months of using the Roser software, our support team can be present at your site, no matter your location. Customers decide upon a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the level of support they receive as our customer. Roser ConSys includes its own software development team (Roser ICT). Our helpdesk and the software support team are always available to answer any questions you might have. Our maintenance software support consultants will visit you on-site when necessary. They have a lot of experience with preparing and executing plant shutdowns with our software. This enables them to quickly link the physical situation with our software.

Learn more about our services and their costs and watch our Roser services animation.

Extra information

Integrated suite or standalone

When customers purchase/rent our software, we create a plan of action together. This starts with a list of all important points that need to be executed during the implementation phase.
These include:

  • Which Roser applications will be used on short, middle and long term;
  • Data migrations from e.g. old or redundant software systems;
  • Setup of all functionalities;
  • Training of users and involvement of departments and contractors;
  • Impact of software on organization and explanation;
  • Material management;
  • Interface requirements with your ERP system like SAP®
  • Interfaces with other systems;
  • Who will maintain the software.
Integrated suite or standalone


SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. This agreement includes the specifics of the SLA and what you, as a customer, can expect from Roser concerning the maintenance and support of the Roser software. We make a distinction between customers that work via the Roser Cloud and customers that work via their own infrastructure. For our Cloud users, we maintain the infrastructure, like backup policy and maintenance to network and hardware.

Roser offers a standard SLA, which includes the following:

  • SLA timetable for various ticket types;
  • Helpdesk can be reached during Roser office hours;
  • Software release and updates available as soon as possible;
  • Roser Wiki for end users;
  • Access to Customer Hub for key users for ticket follow-up;
  • Simply create of remove user accounts via Account-IT (Cloud);
  • Additional SLA services can be requested.

Roser Cloud Services

Roser Cloud Services means that the software is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that the software and infrastructure is rented for a monthly fee. Roser has been offering this service since 2009.

The Roser Cloud offers many advantages, among others:

  • The management and maintenance of the infrastructure is entirely provided by Roser.
  • Secured login by using Citrix and a multi factor authentication with SMS/E-mail passcode.
  • Release management, such as installing updates to the latest version (in consultation with you).
  • No separate costs for a service level agreement
  • Flexibility with regard to the number of licences in use. In peak periods you have all the application licenses you need available, when the peak is over the license use and therefore the costs decrease.    

Roser takes a large part of your ICT work and takes care of everything without the intervention of your ICT department. The only thing a user needs is access to the internet. 

Roser Cloud Services
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