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Terms and conditions E-Leaning

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1. Application and confirmation
  • By sending in the completed online application form via de website the customer can apply for the by Roser ConSys B.V. provided training.
  • Minimum requirements for registration of a student for Roser E-Learning® are some knowledge of work preparation, familiarity with the jargon and computer skills.
  • A completely filled in application form (incl. PO no.) needs to be in the possession of Roser ConSys B.V. with a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of course starting date (determined in consultation).
  • Your registration is only valid after written confirmation by Roser ConSys B.V.
  • Roser ConSys B.V. uses the first served principle. Students enrolling for a course which is already full will be classified in the next available course. Student will be informed in time.
  • Roser ConSys B.V. reserves the right to cancel a course and/or to change to another date. If the modified date is inconvenient for student, he/she has the right to cancel without charge within 5 working days after notification of Roser ConSys B.V.
  • Substitution
    • If a student is unable to participate in a course before access has been given, substitution by another student is possible, provided that the substitute is registered at Roser ConSys B.V. at least 3 work days before the start of the first course day and all conditions are met. For this substitution are no additional costs.
    • If a student is unable to finalize a course after access has been given, a one-time substitution by another student is possible, but this only applies if the initial student did not participate in the course very actively yet; this is for the Roser tutor to judge. For this substitution after access has been provided, additional administrative costs of € 95,00 will be charged.
  • Cancellation
    • From the date of registration, the student has 5 working days (including the date of registration) to cancel the course free of charge. Once this period has expired, the student can only end the agreement prematurely by meeting the following requirements.
    • For cancellation within 5 working days before the start of the course, 35% of the course fee is owed to Roser ConSys B.V., with a minimal amount of €100,-.
    • For cancellation on or after the planned start date of the course, the entire course fee is owed to Roser ConSys B.V.
    • The date of receiving the email or the date of the postmark will be used for determining  the cancellation period.
    • Reception of login data
      • If the start date for the course, indicated on the registration form, is available, the enrolled student will receive his/her introduction document to the course on the same day via email. Otherwise, an alternative start date will be discussed with you.


    2. Course method
    • The Systems-IT - Work preparation course usually takes 8 weeks with in the 7th week an exam.
    • The Systems-IT - WP Code user course usually takes 2 weeks with in the 3rd week an exam.
    • The Systems-IT - QAQC/Handover course usually takes 2 weeks with in the 3rd week an exam.
    • The courses Scope-IT, Schedule-IT, Weld-IT and Blind-IT - Operations usually take 3 weeks with in the 4th week an exam.
    • The courses Blind-IT - Maintenance and Bid-IT usually take 2 weeks with in the 3th week an exam.
    • Important: make sure the student is informed about the standard course duration. We provide course access for the maximum of 8 weeks. If the student does not finalize the course after 8 weeks, Roser ConSys B.V. is forced to disable the access to the course(s). In this case the student needs to be applied again, the regular course fee will be charged as well.
    • The maximum response time on a forum message or email is 2 to 3 working days (Monday-Friday).
    • A Roser coach reserves the right, in consultation with the client, to prematurely cancel participation of a student when there is a strong suspicion that student will not be capable to complete the course successfully. In this case restitution is not granted.
    • The courses are set up from sharing general knowledge, which means Roser coaches will not discuss the detailed work processes at clients’ individually (unless agreed up beforehand).
    • Roser ConSys B.V. is not responsible for any (lack of) commitment from student to carry out the proposed study plan. E-Learning is a system based on independent learning; students have responsibility for following the online modules and attending the course. For best results Roser ConSys B.V. recommends to appoint an E-Learning coordinator within your organization.
    • Group training on site is possible in consultation, but will always be in combination with Roser E-Learning®. For this, additional cost need to be taken into account. There are two different options for an on-site training: one consisting of two days, spread out over two weeks, and an instruction of one day. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 people can take part in an on-site group training session. Please, contact us for further information on the possibilities, our terms and conditions and the costs for a group training.


    3. Intellectual property
    • The intellectual property rights of all course material, practice material and handouts lies at all times at Roser ConSys B.V.
    • Without explicit written permission of Roser ConSys B.V. the client/student is not entitled to disclose, exploit, reproduce, in any manner whatsoever, and distribute to third parties data and/or parts and/or extracts of the course material provided.


    4. Exam
    • Contrary to the actual course, which the student can enter whenever he/she wants (at home or in the office), the exam always takes place during office hours. The student takes part in the exam online.
    • Access is granted through a password.
    • The following exam duration per course is applicable:
      • Systems-IT - Work preparation students get access for a maximum of 2 hours and 30 minutes, but need to finish the exam in 2 hours.
      • Blind-IT - Operations students get access for a maximum of 1 hour and 45 minutes, but need to finish the exam in 75 minutes.
      • Blind-IT - Maintenance students get access for a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes, but need to finish the exam in 60 minutes.
      • Scope-IT, Schedule-IT, Bid-IT and Weld-IT students get access for a maximum of 90 minutes, but need to finish the exam in 60 minutes.
      • Systems-IT - QAQC/Handover students get access for a maximum of 1 hour and 15 minutes, but need to finish the exam in 55 minutes.
      • Systems-IT - WP Code user students get access for a maximum of 1 hour and 15 minutes, but need to finish the exam in 45 minutes.
    • Exam days and times:
      • Systems-IT - Work preparation in the 7th course week on Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 12:15 o'clock.
      • Blind-IT - Operations in the 4th course week on Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 11:45 o'clock.
      • Blind-IT - Maintenance and Bid-IT in the 3rd course week on Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 11:30 o'clock.
      • Scope-IT, Schedule-IT and Weld-IT in the 4th course week on Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 11:30 o'clock.
      • Systems-IT - QAQC/Handover in the 3rd course week on Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 11:15 o'clock.
      • Systems-IT - WP Code user in the 3rd course week on Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 11:15 o'clock.
    • The student will be informed about the exam date via email; the student should in any case confirm participation.
    • If the exam (or course) cannot be done due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances the client or student must cancel by email or phone. In accordance with the client and student access to the exam will be granted once. The exam must then be done with the next group of students. Note that the maximum course duration of 8 weeks will still be applicable. (see also point 2).
    • During the exam the coaches are available via email or phone call for technical and substantive questions. However, depending on the content of the question, the coach is forced to give minus points if there is a hint. The coach will make this known to the student.
    • The exam results shall be announced within two weeks after participating. Marks are granted on a scale of 1 to ten, 10 being the best result. In case of at least a sufficient result the student receives a “Certificate of Knowledge” by mail. Marks from 6 to 6,9 are sufficient, marks from 7 to 7,9 are amply sufficient, from 8 to 8,9 good, from 9 to 9,9 a very good and a 10 is excellent.


    5. Re-examination
    • In case an exam is not finished with a sufficient result the student has the opportunity to do 1 re-examination within two weeks after the first exam.
    • In case the re-examination is not passed with a sufficient result the Roser E-Learning account will be disabled.
    • It is possible to get additional access for an extra fee of € 195,00 (excluding VAT). The access will be granted for 2 weeks, the student shall do an exam within these 2 weeks.


    6. Certificate of knowledge and renewal
    • All participants certified for Roser applications are registered at Roser ConSys B.V.
    • When applicable, Roser is only allowed to inform a customer of Roser, who actively makes use of licenses, whether a certain Roser E-Learning student has successfully completed a course. This information is exclusively provided upon request, for the purposes of quality assurance.
    • The certificate is valid for 2 years from date of issue. The certificate can be renewed. Students themselves are responsible for renewal of the “Certificate of Knowledge”. After passing the renewal exam the certificate will be valid for another 2 years. When renewal is required we offer the following options:
      1. Student takes the online renewal exam, on a Tuesday morning. When student regularly works in the Roser applications and feels confident about own abilities, this is the quick option, but it comes without further preparation or documentation. Costs are € 95,00 (excluding re-examination).
      2. If student feels the need to practice beforehand in a demo project and go through documentation and quizzes we will grant access to the course for maximum 1 week for € 175,00 (excluding re-examination).
      3. In the unlikely event that the student does not pass the renewal test the student can choose from option 1 or 2 or decide to take the entire course.


    7. Cost and payment
    • The course fee includes the online course material, unless mentioned otherwise.
    • Included is:
      • Access to Roser E-Learning;
      • Access to a demo environment of the software during the course duration;
      • Online and telephone assistance. Teachers are standby to answer questions and monitor progress;
      • Exam costs, 1 re-exam and a certificate.
    • Not included is:
      • Required hardware: a Windows pc, Internet connection.
      • Installation of software: Citrix and PDF viewer.
    • Invoicing of participation will usually happen prior to the start of the course.
    • Mentioned prices are without VAT.
    • Prior to participating in Roser E-Learning clients need to provide a purchase order if necessary. Roser ConSys B.V. reserves the right to delay the student’s access to the course if a PO has not yet been provided.
    • Payment must be in full within 14 days after the invoice date, but no later than one week before the first course day. Roser ConSys B.V. reserves the right to delay the student’s access if payment is unfulfilled.


    8. Liability
    • Roser ConSys B.V. is not liable for any damages caused by or related to participation in a course of Roser ConSys B.V, or cancellation of the course agreement by Roser ConSys B.V. unless Roser ConSys B.V. can be imputed intent or gross negligence.



    Our applications are constantly being improved and updated. The course’s practice environment (Roser Cloud) is updated and improved alongside all of our other applications and environments.

    Please note that it is therefore possible that the environment can reflect some of these changes during your course. These changes won’t affect your course or the exam that follows.

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