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Help me choose

Last week, Roser was present at the ZR Hackathon, a digital marathon organized by Zeeland Refinery and the HZ University of Applied Sciences. As an innovative partner of Zeeland Refinery, Roser participated in the event in Vlissingen. Two developers volunteered to help the competing students with advice and encouragement when needed. 

And what a blast it was to be part of this event! In total, 180 students were challenged to improve topics that ZR is facing in logistics, process and technology. Our two developers were asked to answer questions in their area of expertise and support one group of students in particular: the team that took on the challenge of optimizing a turnaround. 
To help the teams take a step back and have a break, Roser also arranged for pinball machines to be present at the site. The pinball machines were a popular attraction and, in between questions, our developers had some fun playing as well.

During the event, the resourcefulness and out-of-the-box approach students showed, were a great inspiration to us. The amount of effort put in by Zeeland Refinery made it a special event and a worthwhile experience. We are looking forward to continue the innovation with ZR! 


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