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Used cookies
A cookie is a small text file that is saved on the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit this website. Roser ConSys B.V. makes minimal use of cookies in the provision of electronic services. The website of Roser ConSys B.V. makes use of analytic cookies. These cookies are used to improve the user-friendliness of our website and to analyze the use of (part of) the website.
During your first visit to our website, we have informed you about these cookies and asked your permission for their setup. You can always change the settings of your internet browser so cookies are no longer saved. These settings also enable you to delete all previously saved information from your browser.

Google analytics
Roser ConSys B.V. uses Google Analytics to analyze how our website is visited and used. This enables us to optimize our website. During this process, your data will be anonymized as much as possible. The gained information, including your computer’s IP address, will be transferred to Google and saved on Google’s servers. Roser ConSys B.V. does not have any influence on this. The collected data will not be used by Roser Consys B.V. for any other purpose. For additional information about Google’s and Google Analytics’ privacy policy, we refer you to Google’s privacy policy (

Social media & other applications
On the company website of Roser ConSys B.V., applications are used that enable the exchange of marketing data with social media services such as Twitter, email, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Whats app, Vimeo, Mail Chimp. The purpose of this data exchange is to share the entire website or pages thereof and promote them on social media. These applications are realized by a code provided by the concerning social media service. One of the consequences of these codes is the setup of cookies.
Roser Consys B.V. does not influence potential changes in the policy used by aforementioned parties. We therefore refer you to the privacy and cookie statements these parties have published on their own websites:
Twitter (
LinkedIn (
Google+ (
Whats App (
Vimeo (
Mail Chimp (

Changes in cookie statement
Roser Consys B.V. and affiliated companies maintain the right to update its cookie statement from time-to-time, for the purpose of legal and other developments. We therefore advice to check this cookie statement regularly to remain aware of potential changes.

Roser ConSys B.V. includes the affiliates companies Roser STO LLC and Roser Beheer B.V.

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