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Mobile apps

Our systems on tablet and smartphone

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Mobile applications

The use of mobile applications

Mobile applications are available for Systems-IT and Blind-IT. These apps let you execute the same actions as the desktop versions of our applications, only a lot faster and from all locations of the plant.
From now on, you can register your progress as soon as the last scaffolding has been set up. Sign off every completed and labeled blindpoint directly on your explosion-proof tablet. This ensures you will always be up to date with the actual status of your work.

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Always the latest status information at hand.

Always up-to-date

Show the latest information from your work preparation directly on your ATEX-proof smartphone or tablet, wherever you are in the plant.

User-friendly solutions

The intuitive user interface stimulates your operators and contractors to document their work even faster. Locating and signing off work has never been so simple.

Use modern technology

With QR codes, barcodes and RFID, you easily retrieve data in our apps. The correct work location can also be determined for optimal safety.

Always up-to-date User-friendly solutions Use modern technology

Progress-IT mobile

Progress-IT mobile is our portable solution for real-time progress registration. The Progress-IT mobile app for smartphones and tablets can be used to send job notifications to each responsible user in the organization. Once a job is 100% complete, the next job is allowed to start. Example: the isolation contractor will receive a notification once the scaffolding has been set up. The app provides additional information per job like planner data, job priority, contractor and supervisor data, permit number and status. Once the work has been completed, the user can sign off progress via the app. (Authorization is required. This can be set up in the user management of the Roser Catalog). Now it is possible to synchronize the progress with Systems-IT via Wifi or 4G.

Blind-IT mobile

Blind-IT Mobile is our portable solution for LOTO (lockout-tagout) activities. The app presents live information to users present at the LOTO site. This information is required to safely execute and sign off work.
Together with experienced users, Roser has developed an efficient method to check LOTO locations. We do this by using effective technology like QR codes and RFID labels. Blind-IT Mobile is seamlessly linked to Roser’s Blind-IT. A Wifi, LTE or 4G connection ensures all information will be available on both platforms.

Functional specifications

All your scopes or blindlists within one project available on smartphone or tablet.
A personal list of activities makes it easier to find relevant work.
Create punch items and add pictures.
Scan labels and reports with a QR code or barcode to easily retrieve information.
Work can directly be signed off and this information will instantly be available in the wallpaper.
Seamless integration with Systems-IT and Blind-IT.

Technical specifications

Android 5.x or higher.
Use Wifi or 4G (LTE) for a continuous connection with the server.
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications.
Citrix required.
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