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Request a quote from the work preparation module

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Send, receive and compare quotation requests

With Bid-IT, you send, receive and compare digital quotation requests and tenders based on the scope information in Systems-IT. You send the quotation request to multiple contractors and Bid-IT enables you to add all required scope information in the Estimation module of Systems-IT.

As the customer, you determine what the contractor needs to include in his offer. Your bid request will therefore, always be send and returned in a standard format. This makes it easy to compare prices and manage adjustments in the quotation requests. Excel sheets with extensive notes and exceptions are no longer needed. Once a quotation request has been approved, the price information will instantly be processed in Systems-IT.

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Always the best deal for your quotation request.

Digital price check

With Bid-IT, you compare the prices and hours of different contractors at a glance. This guarantees you make the best choice for the work that needs to be executed, for the best price.

Direct import rate

When selecting a contractor, the applicable prices and hours can directly be imported in your work package. This prevents duplications and you will always have insight into the rates.

Status follow-up

Follow up the status of a quotation request with minimal effort. Extensive email correspondences are history; offers and the statuses of requests are clearly visible.

Digital price check Direct import rate Status follow-up

Copy functionality

Simply use the basis of a request for multiple contractors simultaneously. By making a copy of your last request, you create a new export with the same settings and jobs. This is faster than creating an entirely new request. The requested data will also be returned in the same format.


At the moment the status of work preparation is done, you can use various filter options to generate quotation requests fit to your needs. Use the available filters smartly and put together your request efficiently. Varying from discipline to type of work and area or phase. Everything is possible and data is easy to select.


Create and select the required deliverables and indicate who will be responsible for them; the requestor or the executor. Bid-IT helps you put together a request in a clear manner, preventing misunderstandings from happening. Differences will be indicated clearly, so that the comparing of quotations will be easier.

Functional specifications

Maintain quotation requests digitally.
Start quotation requests in the work packages, based on a certain status of the work preparation.
Minimal risk by use of revision management and identifying adjustments.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Citrix receiver required
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