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Safeguarding process installations

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System and equipment isolation & LOTO

Blind-IT enables you to assess, follow up and manage all your lockout-tagout (LOTO) activities. The data is maintained from one central, project-independent environment. The data can, therefore, not be used just once, but for multiple projects and daily maintenance. Compile a set of blindlists for a specific project efficiently, without reinventing the wheel.

Blind-IT can be used as standalone software, or as part of the Roser suite. Its daughter, Blind-IT Mobile, can be taken with you into the field. This mobile application includes the same functionalities but can be operated from every part of the plant.

Learn more about Blind-IT and Blind-IT Mobile by watching our
Blind-IT desktop animation and Blind-IT Mobile animation.

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Why use Blind-IT for your lockout-tagout (LOTO)?

Work with templates

Use templates when creating blindlists to avoid unsafe situations. The system automatically alerts you to illogical relations.


The status and progress of blindlists can be checked in various ways. For example, via a wallpaper, but also directly per blindpoint in the P&ID.

Security during commissioning

The built-in quality checks ensure the quality of the work once you arrive at the commissioning phase.

Templates Transparency Commissioning

Master blindlist

Create master blindlists for often reoccurring activities. These master blindlists function as templates for project blindlists. This way, blindlists do not have to be build up from scratch every single time. This saves time and the standardization prevents mistakes and confusion.


Assess the required materials and display them is various ways, for example per contractor, phase or type. This information can be exported to Microsoft Excel® for a follow-up of the material order. Materials added to a scope can be linked to a resource in Systems-IT.

Mobile application

The blindlist information found in Blind-IT can also be approached via our mobile application Blind-IT Mobile. This application enables you to sign off work on-site, in real-time. When connected to 4G or Wifi, the data in Blind-IT and Blind-IT Mobile can be synchronized at any time. This ensures your information is always up to date.

Learn more about Blind-IT Mobile by watching our Blind-IT Mobile animation.

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Blind-IT E-Learning

Your choice for the Roser suite is an important step in optimizing your turnaround process. Learning to use the software correctly is essential to the implementation of our software. Increase the return on your investment with Roser E-Learning®. Our extensive experience with supporting professionals ensures your employees will learn to use the software efficiently.

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Functional specifications

Blind-IT is integrated with the work preparation in Systems-IT. This allows for the man-hours and lead times of isolation activities to be calculated even easier.
Blindpoints can be supplemented with maintenance data, like the gasket type, bolts and torqueing.
Review and release blindlists, phases and individual blindpoints digitally.
Extensive report options. The Blindlist report can be customized per customer.
Setting up blindlists in the P&ID is also an option.
The advanced label designer allows you to design custom labels based on personal specifications.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Mobile application available
Citrix receiver required
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