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Software maintenance and data storage

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The heart of your Roser Suite applicatons

A quick data provision is important for continuity. What is, for example, the location of a certain equipment or unit? You will find it in the Catalog, the heart of your Roser suite applications. All data about your plant is stored in this central database. You can maintain information from the Catalog, or from the general settings of your Roser applications.

An important part of the Catalog is the user management. Here the administrator can assign roles to each individual user. The sheer number of disciplines and roles makes this a vital task. Your data is safely stored in the Catalog and your rights can be customized in detail.

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Why store data in the Catalog?

Determine the roles yourself

In the user management, you can assign responsibilities or (custom) roles to your employees.

Maintain plantdata

Maintain the plantdata, the heart of your system, from the central catalog. This guarantees a solid basis for every project.

Project overview

Always check your newly-created projects via the Catalog. This ensures your work always conforms to the current conditions and ensures the course of every project is clear.

Roles Plantdata Overview


Creating and managing normsets for the use of unit rate calculations is easy from within the Catalog. Because Roser uses main and subgroups for this, the setup is clear and any norm can be translated to a calculation in Systems-IT. The addition of correction factors and the attachment of costs gives you a dependable input for the scheduling of your project and the financials.

Print templates

By using print templates, you can create indexed work packages, which can then be easily printed individually or in batch. Both digitally and in hardcopy. You can create the print templates yourself from within the Catalog and, depending on the requirements at your location, add mandatory documents and reports. Using this procedure, you can document all your information in a handy way.

Rapport designer

The report designer enables you to create your own handover, material and Scope-IT reports. Not only does this design module allow you to add new reports, it also lets you modify them. You can decide what data can be found in which report and how the report is set up visually.

Functional specifications

Maintain your job library and resources; the basis of your work package.
Create calendars and maintain the interface with Primavera P6.
Gain insight into the number of users in the various applications over different time periods.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Citrix receiver required
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