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Management of change software

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Fully digitalized MoC process

Change-IT makes it possible to fully digitalize your management of change process. Changes to process installations can affect safety, welfare, environment and performance. If these elements are not properly documented, vital information might be overlooked during meetings.

Using Change-IT you can prevent these issues. Our application digitally guides you through the MoC process. You do this in a workflow, fully customized to your work process. This ensures you remain in control and have a permanent hold on the procedure.

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Total control over desired changes with Change-IT.

Dynamic process

Process your change request in our dynamic form. This form gradually guides you through the request process in Change-IT.

Quality assurance

The built-in review functionality assures the quality and progress of your change process.

Preserve historical data

Do you want all your data to be quickly available at your next audit? Augment your work experience by saving historical data and making it easily retrievable.

Dynamic process Quality assurance Historical data

Adding documents

You can digitally add supportive documentation during the different stages of the process. This allows you to create a complete dossier, including all requirements for the assessment and decision process. The information will remain available for future reference.

E-mail notification

The MoC process consists of various stages in which input can be requested of different users. With Change-IT, it is possible to automatically send colleagues an e-mail when a certain process status has been reached. This will reduce process delay to a minimum.


MoC requests are reviewed with discipline specific checklists. This ensures a fast and easy completion of the checks. Once all reviewers have given their approval, the request will officially be approved (a potential rejection or reevaluation is possible).

Functional specifications

Visualization of your work process via a dynamic workflow diagram.
Graphic dashboard provides clear information about the status of a MoC.
Focus on the MoCs content by smart guidance of the process, based on risk and complexity.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Citrix receiver required
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