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Synchronise data between ERP system & Roser

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Smooth data exchange with your ERP System

The usage of multiple data systems often raises a lot of questions: Do all systems work together properly? Which system offers the best results? From now on, the answer to those questions will be Exchange-IT. By using Roser's Exchange-IT middleware module, you can easily synchronize data between the Roser Catalog and your ERP system. This ensures you will always work with the most recent data.

Exchange-IT guarantees integrity of your data. Import notifications and work orders with short or long texts without any problems. Maintain your asset data, like synchronizing functional locations, between your ERP system and the Roser Catalog. Exporting data also is not a problem for Exchange-IT. With our tool, you create export files for orders from procurement.

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With Exchange-IT, you enjoy a smooth data exchange

Asset data management

Choose a simple and effective maintenance for all your asset data by using our data exchange program.

Smooth data export

Create export files, suitable for use in your ERP system and vice versa. Prevent additional work like adding or correcting data afterwards.

Communication with ERP system

Import work orders and notifications from your ERP system for further use in the Roser suite.

Data management Smooth data export ERP

Support Acces and Excel

Microsoft Access® and Excel® are often used in the industry. The Roser suite has been developed so it can seamlessly interact with these programs. Data only available in one of these programs can easily be exchanged with Exchange-IT.

Clear user interface

What is more annoying than searching for data in a jungle of buttons of which you do not know the function? Roser prevents these irritations with its clear user interface. Navigating Exchange-IT is straightforward, which prevents mistakes.

Import and export

Importing and exporting data is more difficult than it seems. With Exchange-IT, Roser offers a tool in which these two functions are united. With Exchange-IT, you can realize the input and output of your data to various systems.

Functional specifications

Exchange-IT is customized per customer. Each setup is based on your situation and business rules. This customization only needs to be completed once.
Exchange-IT keeps your items and Bill of Materials up to date.
Maintenance of your suppliers and procurement data.
When the Roser suite is updated, the Exchange-IT module is kept up to date, based on the Service Level Agreement.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Citrix receiver required
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