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Quick management of permits to work

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Safe and efficient process for digital Permits

Permit-IT is the software solution for preparing and releasing permits to work. Integrated in the Roser suite, this tool directly links with the underlying data in the Roser suite. The application helps you set up permits efficiently and prevents data from being overlooked.

A special feature of Roser’s Permit-IT is the smart barcode system with which permits can be processed even faster. Each permit receives a barcode that can be scanned to see the permit’s current status, like ‘issued’ or ‘received’. Special markings make the permits easily retrievable. This prevents long ques at the permit desk; you work safely, efficiently and fast.

Learn more about Permit-IT and watch our Permit-IT animation.

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Why manage permits in Permit-IT?

Safe, efficient and fast

Permit-IT enables you to set up permits efficiently. This application has a direct relation with the underlying data, and thus prevents information from being overlooked.

Overview for everyone

The permit wallpaper ensures all your employees can keep track of the current work process; from preparation and authorization to release, issuance and execution.

Flexible permit system

Set up your permit system, including authorization models, in accordance with the rules and regulations of your organization, instead of external rules.

Safety Overview Permit system


Based on the progress, Permit-IT can identify the logical order of permits. The selected checkboxes inform the application which additional document needs to be activated. This ensures a smooth process and prevents waiting time.

Smart clustering

By activating smart filters, it is possible to cluster multiple tasks divided over multiple work packages on one permit. The functionality reduces the number of permits drastically. An example of clustering is a cluster permit for scaffolding for Area 1.

Approaching permits from Systems-IT

You can request and view permits in the Work preparation module of Systems-IT. Permits can already be included in the job templates of the work package. This prevents mistakes and accelerates the request process considerably.

Functional specifications

With the intuitive workflow designer, you can visualize the work process from releasing the permit to returning it to the permit desk.
Customize the layout of your permits with the template designer.
The transparent authorization model provides insight into the various tasks and responsibilities.
Simple release of permits with the release manager.
The bulk print option enables you to print multiple permits simultaneously, based on your activated filters.
You can easily track the release and status of the permits with the wallpaper.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Citrix receiver required
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