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Compact and powerful scheduling tool

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Easily create the most efficient schedule

Schedule-IT, Roser’s complete planning tool, enables you to switch from the work preparation phase to the scheduling of the project within one software system. By using a practical approach, you can plan activities effectively.

Lead times, relations between jobs, calendars, phases and even milestones are prepared in Systems-IT. In Schedule-IT, these items are collected, adapted, and finally added to your schedule. Synchronization between both applications is possible, without long waiting times for the final data transfer. Your progress and schedule are directly linked, which makes it easy to adjust data. Schedule-IT guarantees control.

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A compact and powerful tool for scheduling.

Fully integrated with Systems-IT

Schedule-IT is fully integrated with Systems-IT. The progress sign-off in Systems-IT can easily be compared with the planning in Schedule-IT.


Schedule-IT is set up practically and intuitively, so schedules can easily be created. S-curves, critical path analyses and resource leveling are also possible.

Communication with other applications

The Roser scheduling application includes import and export functionalities for both Primavera and Microsoft Excel.

Integrated User-friendly Communication

Keep informed about changes

Prevent surprises in your schedule with the change tracking functionality. The changes in your schedule are processed during the work preparation phase in Systems-IT, even after these have been made. This ensures a clear overview and your schedule will always be up to date.

Minimal actions, maximal results

The Multi change functionality is used to complete multiple actions with a single mouse-click. Think of adding relations or signing off progress for multiple tasks. By changing multiple items simultaneously, this functionality will save you a lot of valuable time.

Performance overview

Schedule-IT also includes an overview of important key performance indicators. In this KPI dashboard, you can find information about hours, milestones and jobs. The various filters enable easy customization of the contents of your KPI dashboard.

Schedule-IT E-Learning

Your choice for the Roser suite is an important step in optimizing your turnaround process. Learning to use the software correctly is essential to the implementation of our software. Increase the return on your investment with Roser E-Learning®. Our extensive experience with supporting professionals ensures your employees will learn to use the software efficiently.

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Functional specifications

Resource leveling for optimal planning.
Flexible design of key performance indicators of the project.
Work schedules and working hours can be set up per contractor.
The filter and display options enable you to set up the application in such a way that it will only show relevant information.
Create snapshots to compare the actual situation with the baseline or for developing scenarios.
Scheduling data is visible in Systems-IT in real-time for all users.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Citrix receiver required
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