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Create an efficient turnaround scope list

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Collect and challenge your turnaround scope

Scope-IT helps your organization with assessing and analyzing the work requests for your upcoming plant shutdown. Will you approve or reject the request? The tool includes all aspects that will influence your decision. Think of safety, budget and environment.

In cooperation with the disciplines, Scope-IT will help you reach a justified scope of work that is ready for the execution phase. Extensive report options provide insight into your scopes and make them traceable.

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Why manage scopes in Scope-IT?

Efficient scope challenge

Scope requests are clustered, after which the scope challenge – with the tools available in Scope-IT- will be an easy and intuitive process.

Information management

Scope requests are provided with important data, like information about long-lead materials, and the digital documentation.

Early insight

Gain early insight into costs, budgets and required preparation hours with templates modified to your work.

Scope challenge Information management Early insight

All scope information available in one screen

The Scope request screen gives a clear insight into all scope information. By providing the relevant user rights, users of different departments can enter additional information and review or challenge the scope. Once all information is available, you can make a well-considered decision about the execution of the scope.

A customized risk matrix

The risk is an important element in deciding whether a scope will be executed during a turnaround. To gain a clear overview of the risks, Scope-IT contains a risk matrix that shows the risk relations for executing your scope in a graphic overview. The risk matrix will be customized to the valid standards within your organization.

Link with Systems-IT

A direct link between Scope-IT and Systems-IT enables an easy transfer of scopes from Scope-IT to Roser’s work preparation tool. This transition is seamless because all scope information is included in the copy. The Scope-IT scope requests can still be consulted in Systems-IT.

Scope-IT E-Learning

Your choice for the Roser suite is an important step in optimizing your turnaround process. Learning to use the software correctly is essential to the implementation of our software. Increase the return on your investment with Roser E-Learning®. Our extensive experience with supporting professionals ensures your employees will learn to use the software efficiently.

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Functional specifications

Enter scope costs and maintain control over the scope budget.
The import and export functionality enables data exchange with your ERP system.
Similar scope requests can be combined without loss of detail information.
Create your own risk matrix in Scope-IT, for automatic risk analysis.
The parent-child functionality enables you to combine related scopes.
All collected information is exported to Roser Systems where it forms the basis for the start of the work preparation.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Citrix receiver required
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