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Workpreparation, QAQC and execution in one tool

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Preparation, QAQC and execution progress

With Systems-IT, you enjoy a complete software application suited for preparation, maintenance and execution of work packages. The use of templates enables you to easily prepare and estimate the planned activities and assign materials to them.

It is possible for multiple disciplines to work in the same system or scope item simultaneously. This guarantees that the knowledge of every specialist is used optimally. By exchanging data with ERP systems and scheduling tools, you register all your processes in detail up until the plant start-up.

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Why prepare work using Systems-IT?

Knowledge collected in one place

All involved parties work in the same system and have a real-time status overview of preparation and execution.

Follow progress and analyze trends

Progress: accessible follow-up of the preparation and execution phase. Analyze the identified trends and adjust accordingly.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is an integral part of Systems-IT. Every scope item can be followed up individually and processed as part of a larger system.

Knowledge Trends

Sending your work package on route

The different disciplines can provide specific input to scope items. These disciplines are invited by the work planner to enter costs, hours and job descriptions in the scope. This route system ensures all parties involved with the work package will be aware of its status. The WP Code process can also be followed up via various reports.

Scope feedback by multiple parties

By letting various parties enter feedback on work packages, you guarantee the quality of the work preparation. All feedback on a scope will eventually be evaluated by a central user so he/she will be aware of all provided comments and notes. This ensures transparency and prevents unwanted surprises during the execution.

Mobile applications

The progress data found in Systems-IT can also be approached via the touchscreen application Progress-IT and the mobile application Progress-IT Mobile. With these applications, you can book real-time progress on-site. When connected to 4G or Wifi, the data in Progress-IT, Progress-IT Mobile and Systems-IT can be synchronized at any time. This ensures the most recent information will always be at your disposal.

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Systems-IT E-Learning

Your choice for the Roser suite is an important step in optimizing your turnaround process. Learning to use the software correctly is essential to the implementation of our software. Increase the return on your investment with Roser E-Learning®. Our extensive experience with supporting professionals ensures your employees will learn to use the software efficiently.

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Functional specifications

You estimate the costs per scope item. This information is collected in the Estimation and Materials module.
Work preparation and progress follow-up during execution in one system.
Connect related scopes via the parent-child functionality.
Systems-IT contains various interface options with ERP and scheduling tools. Multiple import and export options are also available.
Interactive review and input options by and for all disciplines.
Create and print indexed work packages digitally or in hardcopy, including the required attachments, customized to the requirements of the receiver.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Mobile application available
Citrix receiver required
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