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Transparent data streams

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Digitally monitor the progress

View-IT, Roser’s digital wallpaper, ensures you are always up to date with the actual status of scheduled work. This application can be used as supplement to Systems-IT and uses wallpapers to visualize Systems-IT data. Optionally, you can track the real-time data on multiple levels and in different layouts.

Show multiple wallpapers and share information on central locations in your plant. The special playlist scrolls through views automatically. This enables you to show relevant information on central locations in the plant. You can use the more general timeline wallpaper, or the customizable dynamic wallpaper. All departments profit from the adjustable timeline and the actual job information. View-IT is entirely focused on a smooth planning of your project.

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The comfort of digital status views

Visualization of data

Ensure your data streams are presented visually and are comprehensible for all users.

Customized display

View-IT can be customized to your own preferences. You decide what you see and where.

Always up to date

Every adjustment you make will be logged in real-time. The most recent statuses will, therefore, always be available. This guarantees you will always be up to date.

Data visualization Customization Always up to date

Customized view

Wallpapers can be customized per user. This enables every user to have a personalized wallpaper that only includes data relevant for his/her personal needs and activities. It also prevents users from being burdened with irrelevant information.

Interactive overview

Besides data display, the wallpaper also identifies the required subsequent steps. The interactive set-up enables you to directly approach the underlying data. The wallpapers can thus be used for entering progress.


Use the icon 'Jobs to start' to easily gain insight into the jobs that are allowed to start. This is based on the available information on planning or progress sign-off.

Functional specifications

Various types of wallpaper are available, among which the dynamic and timeline wallpaper.
View-IT can be displayed as a standalone application; independent of the other Roser applications.
The player shows the different wallpapers of the various applications in succession. You can set the interval and order.
Renting large monitors for displaying wallpapers is an option.
The wallpapers include various filter, sort and display options; you can customize your wallpapers to show exactly what you need.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Citrix receiver required
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