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Complete solution for welding and NDE work

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Register and follow up welding & NDE

Weld activities and the related NDE can easily be followed up with Weld-IT. Specifically designed for preparation, execution and quality control of welding, Weld-IT is the ideal tool during a project or daily maintenance. All involved parties, from weld and NDE contractors to weld inspectors, can work together in one central environment. This ensures you will always be aware of the general status, the work progress and the linked release.

Weld-IT can be used standalone or as part of the Roser suite. It offers a clear information management of welders and their qualifications. This enables you to always find the right man for the right job.

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Why manage weld and NDO work in Weld-IT?

Progress available for everyone

Weld-IT makes it possible to work with all involved parties in one central environment to sign off progress and the status of weld activities, NDE and QAQC.

Quickly compile a fabrication book

With a system in which all required documentation is digitally present or retrievable, you can easily create and release a fabrication book from Weld-IT.

Manage your workload

Gain insight into the number of upcoming weld and NDE activities and maintain an overview of the progress during execution.

Progress Fabrication book Workload

Collect data in LISLs

In Weld-IT, all information regarding the welds that need to be inspected are collected in one central location. These so-called LISLs contain technical information and documentation. Here you can find information about test systems and inspection plans and weld activities.


Weld-IT is completely integrated with Supply-IT: Roser’s material management system. This link enables you to quickly view and add material information. If you also maintain material certificates in Supply-IT, these can be used to link to the weld activities in Weld-IT. This ensures that certificates are always easily available for inspection.

Insight into upcoming NDE

An extremely useful functionality in Weld-IT is creating NDE requests in advance. The NDE requests will only become visible to the contractor when they are released. This way, it is clear in advance which NDE requests are scheduled for execution.

Weld-IT E-Learning

Your choice for the Roser suite is an important step in optimizing your turnaround process. Learning to use the software correctly is essential to the implementation of our software. Increase the return on your investment with Roser E-Learning®. Our extensive experience with supporting professionals ensures your employees will learn to use the software efficiently.

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Functional specifications

Intuitive and intelligent setup of the Line Inspection Summary Lists.
Various report options and digital compilation of fabrication books.
Detailed insight into the progress of the QAQC status and weld activities.
Material certificates can easily be retrieved and linked.
Multiple contractors can work in their own environment, in the same project simultaneously.
Data of executed projects remain available digitally and are directly retrievable.

Technical specifications

Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 database
Available in the Cloud (SaaS)
Seamless integration with the Roser suite applications
Citrix receiver required
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